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Of all the missing persons cases I've read in the David Paulides' book, Missing 411, this is the one I have to force out of my mind when I venture into the woods alone.

In 2002, twenty year old Christopher Tompkins, worked with three others on a surveying crew. While walking behind his co-workers on the side of an isolated forested road in Georgia, Christopher disappeared into thin air. Within minutes, his co-workers were searching the area where they last saw Chris. On the ground, they found one of his boots, some change from his pockets, and his tools. A few yards away, a small piece of his pants was found torn on the top of a barbed-wire fence about eight feet above the shoulder of the road. The other side of the barbed wire fence was private property composed of deep forest, swamp, and small rivers. One year later, Christopher's other boot was located on the other side of the fence by the land owner.

The evidence seems to indicate that something turned Christopher upside down and carried him over the barbed wire fence. What could have done that? It must have had incredible speed, stealth, and the strength to carry a man over an eight foot fence in a matter of a few seconds. Also, consider that the attack took a high level of strategic planning. Christopher was the last in line behind two other men. Something was watching him, tracking him, getting into position, and moving with calculated precision. Christopher was hit so hard his boot came off! Why didn't Chris yell out? Why didn't the men walking fifty feet in front of him hear or see anything? What the hell could have done this?

For more information, get a copy of Missing 411 by David Paulides.

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